Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Shaky Isles Diners

Working with Shine Design I've created the look for this small chain of diners in Auckland, New Zealand designing the logos, staff uniform, menus, murals etc etc. So if you're ever down that way...

Another T design for Airside

This one soon to be available via for the good people at Airside

Graniph T Shirt

Along with, seemingly, every other illustrator in the extended Universe, I've just created this T design for Graniph

Airside T-Shirt Club, 2008

I've just done a design for Airside's T-Shirt Club. Here it is.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Exhibition in Dublin

If you happen to be in Dublin this month make sure you drop into the Sebastian Guinness Gallery - Cat Johnston has two of her trademark handmade bird models robin and thrush on display, plus a series of pen and ink drawings as part of the Stella Dore Group Show.
The exhibition runs from 18th - 27th July.

We Gathered in Spring

My New Blog - We Gathered in Spring

T- Shirt for Graniph

This illustration is now available as a T-Shirt from Graniph.