Sunday, 26 August 2012

Andrew Groves - New patterns

A couple of stunning new patterns from Andrew Groves.
More of Andrew's work can be viewed here.

Matthew the horse for Origins coffee

Lovely illustration by Matthew the horse for Origins coffee packaging.
Via A-Side Studio.
More of Matthew's work can be viewed here.

Ben Javens for Real Simple Magazine


Ben has recently contributed work to U.S based magazine Real Simple, to accompany an article about breaking kids' bad habits. More of Ben's work can be viewed here.

Nick Deakin - New prints for sale

Gorgeous new range of prints from Nick Deakin available via his website here.
Nick's full illustration portfolio can be viewed here.

Paul Bedser - New work



'Bat Cave'

Two new pieces of personal work by Paul Bedser. Paul has also been experimenting with animating his work recently, the result of which can be viewed here.
Paul's illustration portfolio can be viewed here.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Joe Snow - New work

Two new pieces by Joe Snow. Top illustration for Vancouver Magazine, for an article entitled 'To Tweet and Protect'. Illustration above for Wired UK Magazine, for a piece on how to use science based 'psychic' powers for party tricks. Joe has also been busy on the redesign of the original range of toys for Ridley's and has produced a range of screen prints, available to buy via his website. View more of Joe's work here.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cat Johnston for CAWANA - promo pics

Above are a selection of photos from the CAWANA shoes promotional campaign, masks illustrated by our very own Cat Johnston. So good to see her work being used in such a fun and unique way!
You can see more of Cat's work here.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Cat Johnston for Farmfestival 2012

A little piece by Cat Johnston to promote Farmfestival this year. Full details here should you wish to buy tickets!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Cat Johnston for CAWANA

Cat produced a series of stunning drawings for Spanish shoe brand CAWANA. Her work will be seen on all the packaging, point of sale, merchandising material and also the brands website. Unfortunately the shoes will only be available to purchase in Spain but you can see more of Cat's brilliant work here.

Matthew the horse at Pick Me Up 2012

Matthew recently exhibited at the Pick Me Up graphic art event at Somerset House. He was chosen as one of the 20 international rising stars of the graphic arts world specially selected by an industry panel. Above is a selection of the work he exhibited, based on, in his own words:

"I've tried to put together a series of prints and ink paintings that are about fun and enjoying today. I'm interested in people and finding the time to enjoy the simple things - floating in a boat, patting a dog, relying on each other. There is also a series of riso prints called Peoples. My characters are jolly and enjoy what they do, again its about living in the moment and not feeling overwhelmed by cynicism and want. Mostly though, it's about being jolly.

My series of paintings are an attempt to make something handmade that I'd like to hang on my own wall. Painting with a calligraphic line, I've tried to design a series of simple compositions that talk about our day to day. Again, I'm interested in small moments of fun or contemplation. The art work is graphic and simple but drawn with a handmade, naive aesthetic."

It's a perfect opportunity to invest in a beautiful print as all his work is available to buy. Further information can be found here.